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February 2020: Solvay and Anthea establish JV in Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals
June 2016: ICICI Venture invests in The Anthea Group
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Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals Mangalore, Karnataka

February 2020: Solvay, a world-leading producer of flavour & fragrance ingredients completed an equity investment to take a significant minority shareholding in Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals.

Catàsynth has been set up by Anthea Aromatics Private Limited, a leading manufacturer of speciality chemicals in India, to manufacture a range of downstream products from key starting intermediate, methylenedioxybenzene (MDB), based on its patented manufacturing processes.

The Joint Venture leverages Anthea’s production capabilities and reinforces Solvay’s downstream integration into catechol based products.

Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals is situated in Mangalore SEZ, which provides common infrastructure including an effluent treatment plant, a solid hazardous waste treatment & disposal facility, located in close proximity to Mangalore city, the Mangalore deep water port and an international airport.

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ICICI Venture invests in The Anthea Group
June 2016: The Anthea Group has grown through partnerships. This ability to create significant value for our partners was recognised by ICICI Venture, the asset management arm and wholly owned subsidiary of ICICI Bank, the largest financial services group in India. Anthea’s highly ethical and responsible approach and the adoption of industry best practices in manufacturing to create value for stakeholders has led ICICI Venture to pick up a minority stake in The Anthea Group.

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