Growth through innovation

  • Reflecting the values of our founder, we are highly research driven. Our R&D expertise combined with lean manufacturing enables us to develop, produce and supply products of the finest quality.

    Founded in 1992, The Anthea Group operates 4 manufacturing facilities located near Mumbai, India, producing a range of fragrance chemicals and intermediates. Anthea has a strong presence in the global market, with exports to North and South America, Europe and Asia accounting for a significant proportion of sales turnover.

    Dr. Vincent Paul

    "We will strive to build a world-class speciality chemical company, run by a dedicated, motivated team with outstanding competencies."

    Dr. Vincent Paul
    Founder & Chairman

  • Our Mission

    We are committed to the production and supply of speciality chemicals of the finest quality for the global market.

    We are focused on research and development for continuous improvement in our products and processes.

    We strive to create a superior Customer experience through innovation in product and process development, outstanding service levels and integrity.

    Our people are our strength and we promote a work culture that is geared towards achieving excellence.

    Our Values

    We are research-driven: we always attempt to find better, faster and more cost-effective solutions.

    We aim to set global benchmarks for product quality, safety standards, service and responsiveness to Customer needs.

    We will act in a manner that is honest, fair and transparent in all instances.

    We will treat all persons with dignity and respect in all of our interactions.

    Employee Development
    We will ensure that each member of the Anthea Family is provided with adequate opportunities for personal development, growth and fulfillment.

    Social Responsibility
    We will aspire to the highest levels of social responsibility and aim to be a model corporate citizen of India and the world.

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  • Innovation forms the bedrock of our corporate philosophy, with process development being a key focus area. We are confident of bringing about significant cost and quality improvements even in established processes.

    We are able to do this by leveraging a few of our strengths, which include:

    A well-equipped research laboratory which has been granted recognition by the Government of India.

    A highly competent and dedicated R&D team.

    A focused and novel approach to process development.

    Seamless integration between our lab, pilot plant and production facilities, resulting in shorter production cycles and a faster transition to commercial scales.

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  • A young dynamic team in a rapidly growing organisation, driven by values.

    Anthea is deeply conscious of its obligations to all its stakeholders, who include:

    Our Employees
    We consider every employee to be a part of the Anthea Family.

    We strive to create an environment in which employees feel a great sense of ownership and belonging, and also one in which they are able to develop both professionally and as individuals.

    Our Customers
    We strive to delight our Customers through superior product and service offerings and also by partnering with them in their growth aspirations.

    Our Shareholders
    We strive to manage our operations in as efficient, professional and transparent a manner as possible, to deliver superior shareholder returns.

    Society at large
    We will strive to contribute in the following ways:

    By taking steps to protect the environment through conservation, proper treatment of effluent, process modification and the development of products and technologies which are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

    By providing employment opportunities in every region where we operate.

    By fulfilling our statutory obligations in all respects.

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  • At Anthea we are committed to a concept of ‘Green Manufacturing’ whereby we continuously strive to minimize any adverse impact on the environment.

    Synthetic Piperonal
    The Anthea Group has always been focused on conserving and protecting the environment. After years of in-house research, we have developed and commercialized a novel process to manufacture Piperonal (Heliotropin) from phenol.

    We are hopeful that the increasing use of our synthetic product will put an end to the widespread destruction of Sassafras forests around the world.

    The product is manufactured in our group company Crown Chemicals. The product is used for fragrance and flavour applications and as a raw material for APIs in the pharmaceutical industry. Our product is Halal and Kosher certified. We have also received FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) license for sale as a food ingredient, especially for use in the flavour industry.

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