Seamless integration between lab, pilot plant & production facilities

Key Features

4 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities near Mumbai.

Close proximity to major container terminals, ports and airports.

Significant logistic advantages, leading to timely deliveries.

Over 11,000 MTPA of manufacturing capacity

Contract Manufacturing

We enter into collaborations with reputed organizations, including large multinationals, to cater to their specific requirements in the area of synthetic organic chemistry.

Typically, a project is jointly identified for development by Anthea and a Process Partner/Customer. We then allocate dedicated resources to this project, supervised by scientists with several years of experience. Within a short timeframe a lab process is developed, which is then scaled up and optimized in our pilot plant. This is then taken up for plant-scale manufacturing in the same facility, leading to rapid transition times from lab scale to plant scale manufacturing.


Anthea Aromatics Private Ltd.
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Manufacturing a range of fragrance ingredients and intermediates. Also undertakes contract research and manufacturing for select Customers.

DRT-Anthea Aroma Chemicals Private Ltd.
Roha, Maharashtra
A 50:50 Joint Venture with DRT, France, manufacturing a range of terpene chemicals such as Anthamber™, DHM, Geraniol, Nerol etc., used in F&F.

Crown Chemicals Private Ltd.
Tarapur, Maharashtra
A 50:50 Joint Venture with DRT, France, manufacturing synthetic Piperonal / Heliotropin through a novel, eco-friendly route.

Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals Private Ltd.
Mangalore, Karnataka
A joint venture between Anthea and Solvay, established in 2016. The manufacturing facilities are being constructed within the Mangalore Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Operations in the facility began early 2020.

Anthea Facilities