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Anthea Group Companies
Fine Chemistry. Better Products.

Anthea Group Companies

Fine Chemistry. Better Products.

Anthea Aromatics Private Ltd.
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Manufacturing a range of fragrance ingredients and intermediates. Also undertakes contract research and manufacturing for select Customers.

CIN NO: U24240MH1985PTC038118


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DRT-Anthea Aroma Chemicals Private Ltd.
Roha, Maharashtra

A 50:50 Joint Venture with DRT, France, manufacturing a range of terpene chemicals such as Anthamber®, DHM, Geraniol, Nerol etc., used in F & F.

The group company has 2 manufacturing facilities situated in Roha. The ongoing expansion in Roha Unit I has commenced operations in August 2018 and additional capacity for Anthamber® production is also being set up.

CIN NO: U24100MH2008PTC179684


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Crown Chemicals Private Ltd.
Tarapur, Maharashtra

A 100% subsidiary of The Anthea Group, manufacturing speciality chemicals for the F&F, Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical industry.

CIN NO: U24110MH1984PTC033855


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Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals
Mangalore, Karnataka

Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals Private Limited, a subsidiary of The Anthea Group, operates a greenfield facility in Mangalore, India manufacturing Catechol based products like Methylenedioxybenzene (MDB), Piperonal, Helional and Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO). These products are produced using patented, eco-friendly and sustainable processes.

Solvay, a global leader in diphenol chemistry, completed an equity investment to take a significant minority shareholding in Catàsynth Speciality Chemicals, in February 2020.

The Anthea Group, together with Solvay, is committed to enlarging our product offerings for the F&F, Agrochemical and Pharmaceutical markets.

The manufacturing facilities are located within the Mangalore Special Economic Zone (SEZ). The Mangalore SEZ is a designated chemical manufacturing cluster for refinery and petrochemical industries. The Mangalore SEZ provides common infrastructure including an effluent treatment plant, a solid hazardous waste treatment & disposal facility, located in close proximity to Mangalore city, the Mangalore deep water port and an international airport.

CIN NO: U24233MH2016PTC271699


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