Strong focus on research & innovation in process development

Research at Anthea

At Anthea we take pride in our research capabilities. We have close interactions with research organizations in India and abroad and are constantly working on optimizing process technologies and on expanding our product range.

Our in-house research has resulted in several new products being introduced in the market over the years.

Our R&D assets include both bench-scale laboratory and pilot plant facilities. The laboratory equipment includes several stirred flask reactors, distillation columns, oil and water baths, high vacuum capability, catalytic reactors, autoclaves and dedicated fume hoods.

The pilot plant equipment includes several glass reactors, distillation columns, autoclaves, forced circulation water baths, muffle furnaces, centrifugation equipment and filtration equipment.

Our laboratory and pilot plant capabilities enable us to develop processes starting from gram scale to ton scale within the existing R&D facilities.

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Analytical capabilities

Our in-house analysis capabilities include gas chromatography (GLC), gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC), FTIR, melting and boiling point determinations, calorimeters, refractive index measurement, moisture content determination etc.

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Chemistries Handled

Aldol Condensation


Baeyer –Villiger reactions

Beckmann rearrangements

Chloromethylations & Hydrochlorination


Darzens condensation

Diels – Alder reactions



Esterifications & Hydrolysis

Grignard reactions

Hydrogenation reactions (catalytic & transfer)

Heck reactions

Hydration & dehydration reactions


Ketal formation

Knoevenagel reactions

Oxidations (including catalytic dehydrogenations)

Sommelet reaction